SISU Mouthguards Frequently Asked Questions

Which SISU Mouthguard should I choose?

The Aero Mouthguard is offered in 3 sizes (small, medium or large) depending on the athlete’s height, age and/or mouth size. The Aero guard is 1.6mm thin and used by those who like the superior protection of a SISU Mouthguard, but prefer the thinner profile. Most commonly used in sports such as: soccer, netball, hockey, etc.

The Max Mouthguard is our most popular mouthguard for Australian customers. The Max guard is 2.4mm thin and offer more protection than the Aero. It is generally used in sports that have a higher rate of direct facial contact and aggressive play. It is most commonly used in sports such as: basketball, rugby, AFL, martial arts, boxing, etc.

The 3D Mouthguard improves on previous SISU models by creating a preformed shape that significantly enhances the custom fitting process, which also provides greater fitting accuracy. The variable material thickness from the front at 2.4mm through to the back at 1.6mm will also put protection where it is needed and comfort where it is desired.

The Sense Smart Mouthguard offers all of the same protections of the 2.4mm SISU Max Mouthguard; however, it also incorporates HitSense Technology to wirelessly track an athlete’s head impacts during the game/match. This information is then collated on the SISU Sense App to long term data monitoring. The SISU Sense has an emergency contact feature to notify your designated contact if you have received a ‘major’ head impact.

Why is my SISU Mouthguard not becoming pliable when put into hot water?

If your SISU Mouthguard is not becoming pliable you will need to make the water hotter. The guard should become noticeably pliable within approximately 30 seconds. Be careful when removing your guard from the bowl of water, as it will be hot.

Why does my SISU Mouthguard feel very tight against my teeth?

Your SISU Mouthguard should be snug but comfortable; a well fitted mouthguard will require you to remove the guard with your hand (not by your tongue). However, if your SISU Mouthguard is feeling too tight then there is a chance you created too much suction during the fitting process. If this is the case, simply put the SISU guard back into hot water and start the fitting process again (creating only a gentle suction). Be sure to keep your mouthguard in your mouth for the entire fitting process and while it is cooling down (3-5 minutes); otherwise, the pliable guard may shrink slightly in on itself as it becomes hard again.

Can a SISU Mouthguard be used with braces?

Yes. The SISU Aero Medium, SISU Aero Large, SISU Max, SISU 3D and SISU Sense mouthguards can be used with braces when fitted by your orthodontist (the SISU Aero Small is not compatible with braces). It is important that your orthodontist puts a barrier between your brackets and the guard during the fitting process (impressions guards are available through our wholesale website). The SISU Mouthguard range are an excellent choice for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment, as the guard can be remoulded up to 20 times as the teeth move into new positions.

How can I tell if my mouthguard is fitted properly?

  • If your mouthguard is fitted properly you should not be able to remove it with your tongue and it will feel like the mouthguard ‘clicks’ into place
  • Do not stretch the holes! Stretching them can compromise the integrity of the guard and will void the dental warranty.
  • It is crucial that your teeth are properly aligned and centred with the bite pad of the mouthguard, place them on the area where there are no perforations.
  • Your guard should cover the outer surfaces of your teeth and not the roof of your mouth.
  • With a properly fitted SISU, you should be able to speak almost completely naturally.

When should I replace my SISU Mouthguard?

We recommend you replace your SISU Mouthguard once a season or at the very minimum once every 12 months. Keeping it clean and letting it dry before storing will keep the germs at bay and extend the life of the guard. Your SISU Mouthguard is covered by up to a $50,000 dental warranty for 12 months after the date of purchase.

Do you have a mouthguard for the lower teeth?

You can wear a SISU on both your top teeth, bottom teeth or both, but most athletes prefer the comfort and strength that a single mouthguard provides. If you want protection for your lower teeth, we recommend using the SISU Aero Small Mouthguard. 

What is the dental warranty amount for a SISU Mouthguard?

SISU Mouthguards offer up to a $50,000 dental warranty for any SISU guard that has been registered when initially purchased. If the SISU guard has not been registered at the time of purchase, then the customer may be covered by up to a maximum liability of $35,000.

Can the SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard diagnose a concussion?

No. The SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard is designed to create an awareness of the minor and major head impacts to an athlete during a game of sport. The record of minor and major hits is stored within the SISU Sense App for long term monitoring and to provide a greater understanding of individual health during sport.

Can the SISU Sense battery be replaced?

No. The battery in the SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard is completely enclosed for safety purposes. The battery has an expected battery life of 170 hours from when it has been activated.