OrthoPod Aligner Travel Case
OrthoPod Aligner Travel Case
OrthoPod Aligner Travel Case

OrthoPod Aligner Travel Case

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OrthoPod is an all in one clear aligner or retainer storage case with room for all your essential oral hygiene accessories. This handy case keeps your aligners and mouth in tip top shape.

OrthoPod holds a Full Size Toothbrush, Travel Toothpaste, Clear Aligner or Retainer, OrthoKey Removal Tool, and Aligner Chew.

  • ‘All in one’ clear aligner case that encourages consistent dental hygiene during aligner treatment; thus, improving results provided by the clinic.
  • Low cost accessory to ensure that patients are provided with and use all the necessary aligner cleanliness tools from the first day of their treatment.
  • Aligner case is discreet (similar to a sunglasses case) and fits most full-size toothbrushes.
  • Easily organised with clearly defined sections for ease of use.
  • Made from food grade safe materials to ensure longevity and has a double magnetic close to keep everything in its correct position.
  • Helps to foster long term patient relationships by providing them with the equipment they will need to have a successful and efficient aligner journey.

Dimensions: 22.2cm x 7cm x 4.2cm