OrthoDots CLEAR 48 Pack
OrthoDots CLEAR 48 Pack
OrthoDots CLEAR 48 Pack
OrthoDots CLEAR 48 Pack

OrthoDots CLEAR 48 Pack

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OrthoDots are the newest technology and standard for dental wax because they do exactly what they promise: perform better and last longer than traditional wax.

  • Works on all appliances including braces and aligners
  • 20 times more pliable than traditional wax
  • 17 times more transparent than traditional wax
  • Made of clear medical grade silicone with moisture activated adhesive technology
  • Now sticks even better – new adhesive is 2X stronger and even works on the edges of clear aligner trays
  • Simply pinch the adhesive side of the OrthoDot onto the wet appliance for 3-5 seconds to allow adhesive to set. 
  • Packaged in convenient single use applications – the standard for modern hygienic healthcare products.
  • Non-toxic and latex-free (safe if accidently swallowed)
  • Safe to use while eating or drinking

Still don’t believe us? Check out this excellent product review we received:

"Just wanted to let you know I received my first order of Ortho Dots this afternoon and WOW! What an excellent product. I am an adult who has had braces put on just over a week ago and my mouth has been pretty cut up and sore. The wax the dentist gave was hopeless. I tried these dots this afternoon, absolutely fantastic. I don't know why these arn't given or recommended when getting braces. My Son and daughter also had braces and I wish I had of looked for these earlier, but I guess it's not until you experience this yourself you don't really know what you have to put up with. Thanks again, I have just ordered 3 more boxes."